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Do you find yourself lost in a sea of 1,000 topics?
I help entrepreneurs and executives take their organization to the next level with Objectives and Key Results (OKR).
With 120+ successful implementations under my belt, I’ll guide you on your journey, making sure your OKR system is a perfect fit for your needs.

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Clear mission

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Focused teams

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Measurable goals

Do your teams also suffer from...


Employees who think and act in silos

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Teams that do not feel involved

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Many unclear, uncoordinated goals

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No transparency and commitment

3 Simple Steps To Successfully Implement OKR:

Kickoff workshop

We define the beta version of your company goals together with your leadership team: Vision, mission and strategy corridor.

One Learning Quarter & Coaching

Leading by example: in the first quarter, the leadership team applies OKR practically.

OKR Rollout

In further quarters, we continously expand OKR to additional teams. For aligned, motivated and focused teams.

Theo Lorch

I care about your success.

Meet a coach who cares about your company's success

Theo Lorch

  • implemented OKR 3x in his own companies
  • has helped over 120 teams in the last 5 years
  • has supported over 500 leaders in the process

In a highly dynamic environment, an effective leadership system is essential.

Theo Lorch has helped over 120 teams successfully implement OKR in the past 5 years

Good to know

Three reasons why an OKR coach pays off

Surely I can do it myself! Most OKR systems that companies introduce on their own are buried after only a few attempts. What seemed so clear in theory will only reveal its pitfalls in implementation. Skip the beginner’s mistakes and make use of my experience from five years of OKR consulting and 100 successfully introduced OKR processes.

OKR is new territory for most companies. So it’s tempting to turn to a large, well-known agency for implementation. They pay huge teams that produce a lot of paper and overhead with changing consultants, but not automatically better results.

I personally accompany you from the first orientation meeting up to the successful implementation of your OKRs. Thus, I make sure that your OKR system is deeply anchored in your organisation.
You would like to have your staff trained and be certified afterwards. There are countless providers and online courses for this on the internet. Once again, the devil is in the implementation. I accompany you through your entire OKR process, from the first brainstorming to the successful implementation. You learn from my many years of experience and end up with OKRs that really work in your company.

Persist in a volatile world.

Succeed with clear goals!

Icon Fernglass

Clear mission and goals

Icon Ziele

Teams focused and aligned

Icon Messung

Measurable goals, better decisions

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Motivated employees.

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